The Precepts of Chivalric Etiquette

Saint Stanislas

Nobility and Chivalry are an indivisible unity of selfless spirit, honourable knightly virtues and gracious moral principles; the doctrine of both underpinned by the Precepts of Chivalric Etiquette.

A Noble is one who has a dignified heart and an excellence of mind - a reverant soul exalted in character, demeanor and presence: one who undertakes an act of bona fide charity or heartfelt goodwill without want of favour, recognition, or reward; one who selflessly offers and renders assistance without pretence, out of unconditional generosity - for the love of mankinde, without want of affection, praise or reverance.

Remembering that all men and women are born free and equal, the Pure Knight binds himself by Oath to uphold the dignity and rights of all men and women, regardless of race, sex, rank, religion or beliefs.

A Pure Knight should uphold and abide by the Virtues of Chivalry and live one's life so that is worthy of esteem, respect and honour by all people.


  1. Must be a gentle man yet fail not in duty.
  2. Must uphold the Dignity of Man and Woman, remembering that all are born free and equal in Dignity and Rights.
  3. His manner of living is an example to the young.
  4. Shall at no time act outrageously nor do murder or be cruel in any way to man or beast.
  5. Respects and defends the rights of all men and women to hold and practise religeous beliefs other than his own.
  6. Takes no part in wrongful quarrel but at all times supports the Lawful rights of men and women.
  7. His word is his bond.
  8. Must be honourable in all things and know good from evil.
  9. Must be of modest demeanor and not seek worship unto himself.
  10. Never fails in Charity, Fidelity and the Truth.
  11. Speaks evil of no man.
  12. Never betrays a trust or confidence given to him by a brother knight.
  13. Must so order his life that by his contribution that people of the world may hope to live together in a greater peace and tolerance.