A warm welcome...

... to supporters and friends, of whatever faith, from around the World.


It is our pleasure to welcome you to the official website of the Grand Prior of Western Europe of the International Order of Saint Stanislas. We are a chivalric and humanitary association of Christians; men and women, clergy and lay, from all walks of life. We take our inspiration from the highest ideals of the original Order of St. Stanislas, one of the true, great and historic orders of chivalry, was founded by the last native King of Poland, Stanislas Augustus Poniatowski on May 8th 1765.

This is on account of many activities in providing humanitarian relief and promoting inter-faith dialogue. This is achieved both by raising much needed funds and also by putting the volunteer efforts and expertise of its members at the disposal of good causes around the world.


We hope you take advantage of the many interesting informations, articles, and publications available on our website. We imagine that you have opened our site not only out of curiousity, but also with a specific interest. For this, we are pleased and thank you. As you see, the purpose of publishing, via Internet, the information of our Order is to fulfil the intellectual needs of scholars, as well as the spiritual needs of those who search, by means of such a great and reliable master, to find and to love to help.

Please explore this site and if you require more information please feel free to use the contact facilities to get in touch with us.

Yours faithfully,

Grand Prior
Lord William John Dougan of Landkey